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Youtube video "Famously Short Arms" for drumset & blocks of wood

Youtube link "Two Leyaks and a Minister" for metal rack

Youtube link "These Things Are Not Fancy" for stringed-drum (alternate take from album track)

Youtube link "Not Now Not Later Not Ever" for drumset & triangles (excerpt)

Youtube link "Regrets, I've Had a Few" for stringed-drum and melodica


poster Flaherty-Corsano live at the "A Stone for Don Conka" Festival, Amherst, MA, 9/29/01.

yeh corsano flaherty Spencer Yeh-Chris Corsano-Paul Flaherty at The Eagle's Nest in Northampton, MA, 3/17/05. Video by Andrew Kesin on www.ecstaticpeace.com.

thurston's mug

Footage of, among others*, Flaherty-Corsano Duo and the Dream/Aktion Unit from Le Weekend in Stirling, Scotland, 5/26 & 5/27/05. Video by Thurston Moore and Matt Valentine on www.ecstaticpeace.com. 

*MV/EE Medicine Show, Wally Shoup Trio, Kousokuya, Mirror/Dash, Dredd Foole & the Din.

Joe McPhee-Chris Corsano-Paul Flaherty at The Montague Bookmill in Montague, MA,10/7/05. Video by Andrew Kesin on www.ecstaticpeace.com.


Vampire Belt (Bill Nace-Chris Corsano) at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA, 10/21/05.
College Girls Gone Wild (Thurston Moore-Erika Elder-Matt Valentine-Dredd Foole-Paul Flaherty) at The Apollo Grill in Easthampton, MA, 7/28/05.
Six Organs of Admittance at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA, 3/1/05.
Thurston Moore meets Vampire Belt at The Schoolhouse in Hadley, MA, 2/19/05.

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